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Friday, March 6, 2015

Deaf Ear

The last two days have been a challenge!!

I was still updating some work tasks at 8pm Wednesday evening.  Just eight hours before we left for Milwaukee to fly to San Diego, my packing was not yet completed and the cold had escalated to fill my sinuses with gunk.  Thankfully, about 80% of the necessary gear had been set aside weeks ago.  I still ran from room to room checking, locating, and reminding last minute items, hoping not to forget anything important, before retiring to bed.  Slumber, however, was hours away as I contemplated work tasks and packing decisions.

Up at 3 am (CST), on the road to Milwaukee by 4 am, take off at 8 am, landing in Kansas City at 9:30, board plane to San Diego at noon, and arrive at our destination at 2 pm (PST).  Traveling is not fun, especially when sick.  Even worse when traveling by air with sinus trouble.  So much gunk filled my head, and fogged my brain, that each descent caused aural pain that would not be relieved.  The final descent into San Diego created a pressure gap that would not go away.  I was essentially deaf in my left ear and this has persisted for the last 36 hours.  Hoping it relents before Saturday morning; not real safe to ride a bike with limited hearing.

This turned out to be the beginning of an awful day/night.  Meeting old friends and new friends without being able to communicate effectively was frustrating.  I struggled through it before settling in for a much needed good night's sleep/recovery.  Again slumber was difficult to find.  Feeling I'll and with limited bedding, I retrieved our two sleeping bags to warm myself.

Draining sinuses caused coughing and wheezing which kept me awake until 3 am.  Having run out of cough drops, I rummaged through my toiletries searching for some Sudafed that I hastily tossed in my bag at the last moment.  My search resulted in a goopy mess.  My shampoo bottle had broken and shampoo now covered every item.  So at 3:15 in the morning I am washing my bag and all the toiletries in the shower.  Not sure, how much Lisa was able to sleep. At this point I was considering all treatment options.  I felt so bad that I was considering flying home, if the situation did not improve.

Good news, the medicine worked, the cough subsided, and I slept a few hours before breakfast and a short bike ride to check for needed adjustments. Feeling optimistic that I am on the road to recovery and that my hearing returns soon.  Hoping for only positive news from here on out.  It can't get much worse, or can it?

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