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Day 52: 2929 miles completed, 8 states, 7 flat tires, 4 flat mattresses, 40 new friends and Bruce #1, 8 rest days

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 30: Short Fifty

It was a “short” 56 miles that we finished with ten miles of tailwind.

We started today as most and arrived at the 1st SAG stop about 20 miles into the ride. We were about to leave when I (Lisa) saw a goat that was tied up get her legs all caught in the rope and I started to walk toward it when she fixed it herself…it probably happens 20X a day. Mickey then was walking that way and said there was a dog back there too and a colt. I saw the yellow dog laying under an RV with a rope and at first it did not move as I approached. I said something and an eye popped open and it was then I worried a bit, not knowing (a) if the dog was friendly and (b0 how long that rope was! I soon was relieved to see as it came out, she was just a puppy and super friendly and, unfortunately, the rope was only about 4 ft long.

It bothered me a lot, but I assessed quickly that the pup and all the other animals nearby were healthy and obviously well fed and also were comfortable with people. The mare had a colt, the goat had a kid and all of them were perfectly happy letting people touch them and interact. Still, no one looking like an owner was anywhere around, and no water or food bowls were nearby. The puppy did have cover from the sun and elements under the RV it was roped to–obviously I had about 40 miles to think about this and I thought about it a lot!!

We saw lots of wild flowers, lots or green and really lovely countryside; albeit some Texan motorists who were not fans of cyclists–we are getting used to that though. Someday they will realize if they have an iota of patience, we all can share the road–especially the 2-lanes we are often on.

We live by this philosophy these days:

The good thing about a tandem is that you are never alone.
The bad thing about a tandem is that you are never alone.

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