Trip Summary

Day 52: 2929 miles completed, 8 states, 7 flat tires, 4 flat mattresses, 40 new friends and Bruce #1, 8 rest days

Friday, March 8, 2013

Tomorrow We Begin

Today was our final day to prepare both physically, but more mentally. It rained off and on all day which was probably a good thing because we weren’t tempted to get in one last training ride. At this point it is more about trusting that you are physically strong and able to face challenges with a positive attitude. We finalized our baggage and fine tuned the bike while we weathered a brief hailstorm which unfortunately caught a few of our friends.

We were able to go for a walk along the beach and out on the pier to stretch our legs. In the distance we watched a battleship pass by and we were able to observe a few dolphins swimming , apparently feeding as they moved back and forth in the waves.

This evening we received final instructions from our benevolent and fearless leader, Bubba, and his team: rules of the road, camp procedures, etc. It was apparent that they all love what they do and are committed to enhancing our experience. He told the story about how this year’s ride almost didn’t happen. Three days before the end of Coast 2 Coast 2012 he told the staff that that would be the final C2C ride; he wasn’t having fun. He had even notified a couple people who had signed up very early. Meal preparation responsibilities were robbing him of spending quality time with his guests.  Fortunately, he figured out a way or he was provided an answer to his problem that has enabled 24 people to spend eight weeks learning about each other and themselves.

It has started raining again and I need to get to sleep . Hopefully this note has emptied my brain of any/all thoughts, resulting in a quick path to slumber.

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