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Day 52: 2929 miles completed, 8 states, 7 flat tires, 4 flat mattresses, 40 new friends and Bruce #1, 8 rest days

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 5: Ride, Refuel, Repeat

Day 5: Laughing Lab Scottish Ale, Colorado Springs

Life on the road has become very simple and we have established a routine. Today we woke up at 6am to prepare ourselves and our bike before breakfast. We fill water bottles, top off the air in tires, attach cue sheets, change into cycling clothes, apply anti-chafe cream, pack up bedding/clothes, and apply sunscreen. At 7 am breakfast is promptly served. After a quick and hearty breakfast , we are on the road by 7:30.

We try to leave with a few other riders because it’s safer and easier to ride with a group. We are usually with the first riders to leave, but drift backwards throughout the day. So we generally see and ride with everyone during the day. Today,s ride was scheduled for a little over seventy miles and the forecasted temperature was 94 degrees. It turned out to be longer and warmer. About ten miles in we missed a turn and had to backtrack a mile. After 15 miles we found a port-a-potty and made a pit stop. Mile 25 was our first sag stop; we filled our water bottles with Gatorade and had peanut butter, honey, and banana wrap. You must try this in a tortilla instead of bread. We also ate some chips and candy – calories are a good thing , no bonking allowed.

After a short rest, it is back in the saddle and we rode through a town about three miles away. We made another pit stop and grabbed an ice cream because any time we use the facilities we buy something – good karma. Lunch was only 16 long hot miles away. A huge pulled pork sandwich and soda with water/Gatorade refills. Back on the bike at 12:30, we still had over twenty miles to go.
The 13 mile journey to the next sag stop was a lonely straight desert road with the temperature close to 97 degrees. We stopped once to stretch and rest. At the sag stop we consumed more calories and fluid. Only eleven more miles till we are home. Shortly after the sag stop we made an impromptu pit stop along the highway. Finally, we take the exit to our camp site, but first we stop for some homemade date ice cream and a cactus shake. While relaxing on the lawn, the sprinklers turn on; although refreshing riders quickly scatter.

At camp we locate our tent, already assembled and our bags are stored inside, and we discard our bike wear.It is time to rehydrate with a COLD soda. Then shower and shave to resemble ordinary humans. This is immediately followed with our daily snack which was artichoke with crab dip and chips. An hour later, dinner is served which we follow up with a preview of tomorrow’s ride.

This leaves just enough time to get ready for bed, edit /post photos, and prepare a blog post before lights out (9:00).

Tourist Items Today: We rode through the fields that produce our winter vegetables. We were thinking of our CSA farmer, Kristen.

Dateland, AZ is famous for it’s date shakes.

Everyone thought that Lisa would be our team’s weak link. As it turns out, she may not be the one that keeps us from completing our journey. Although looking forward to our first rest day this weekend, she is getting stronger. I am in greater need of a rest day as my sciatica flared up when were climbing the mountains. Riding has been quite challenging.

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