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Day 52: 2929 miles completed, 8 states, 7 flat tires, 4 flat mattresses, 40 new friends and Bruce #1, 8 rest days

Friday, April 17, 2015

Day 42: Dauphin Island, Alabama

The route from Ocean Springs, Mississippi to Dauphin Island, Alabama was eighty-two miles.  The weather has been incredibly surprising.  The forecast once again called for a day full of rain, but for the most part we threaded the needle between two fronts and only suffered through sporadic cloud bursts.  Then around 2 o'clock the sun appeared for an extremely pleasant afternoon and evening.

 Milestone:  Entered our seventh state, Alabama

The roads were flat with the maximum elevation of 200 feet above sea level. The steepest climb of the day was on the long bridge into Dauphin Island, which we climbed with an additional impediment, headwind.

 During the ride, the group suddenly slowed.  There was a turtle crossing the road and in our path.  The other 4 maneuvered around the reptile to avoid crashing into each other, but I stopped to help it get to its destination before getting hit by a vehicle, hopefully pointing him in the right direction.

After crossing the bridge, I waited for the group photo opportunity in front of the "Welcome to Dauphin Island" sign. Snapped a few photos as they whizzed past.  They didn't stop.  Since the rest of the group left me behind (usually the other way around), I decided to treat myself to an infamous (nectar flavored) snowball before returning to camp.

Back in camp, Bruce1 let me know that Lisa was getting ready and we were all going to get a snowball.  Off we went for my second snowball.  This time with the necessary additional cream or sweetened condensed milk drizzled over the top.  Probably one or two more tomorrow.

Hopefully, we have not seen the last of the sunshine for our day off here, where it really feels like we are having a holiday (I stole that from Graham, but it is so true).  It feels like a beach vacation.

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